Therapy For Couples


Each couple has a narrative-a story that has been constructed over time which tends to inform and sculpt unique patterns of interaction. These patterns of interaction exist on many levels–in the way we communicate and handle conflict; in how we touch and express affection, in how we experience and express emotion and in how we create and maintain closeness and distance. Together we will identify and uncover the specific patterns of interaction that define your current relationship, allowing us to understand with more depth and clarity areas of strength and areas in need of change.


I provide a safe, accepting and non-judgmental environment for couples to be able to open up emotionally and to communicate with one another honestly and effectively, so that together, we can carefully explore the areas of the relationship in need of attention.  Often the couples who come in to work with me are entering into the therapeutic space for the first time.  I respect deeply the brave choice each has made to be able to walk into my office, not sure what to expect, sometimes anxious, often hopeful.  It is for this reason that I focus on the creation of a comfortable, collaborative atmosphere, where it is clear from the start what matters most–that each partner will feel seen, heard and understood; and that whatever is shared will be taken seriously and attended to with the utmost precision and care.  In this way we are building trust and a positive therapeutic alliance, the foundation of our work and the source from which discovery, healing and transformation will emerge.


Throughout this process I will collaborate with you to choreograph the direction, flow and structure of our sessions.  I will facilitate conversations and encourage experimentation with new behaviors and ways of communicating; sometimes leading and at other times following.  I will help to guide each of you experientially in developing a “felt sense” of your emotions, allowing you to connect more directly with how your internal experience of emotion translates into emotional expression.  This emotionally focused process is central to all we say and do in our relationships, and a direct path IN to deeper connection, lasting closeness and more secure attachment.