What Is Therapy?


What Is Therapy?


The Therapeutic Relationship

It is my belief that your relationship with your therapist is central to the process of healing, growth and change. It is important to feel a comfortable connection with your therapist and that you are a good fit to work together so that trust and confidence can develop. I offer a free phone consultation to help you make the initial decision about setting up a first appointment. Once therapy begins, I provide a supportive, safe environment where we work together to identify the areas on which you would like to focus. We can then set goals based upon your needs and what you hope to get out of therapy.

Emotional Crosstraining®

While the process of healing, growth and change can feel good and be tremendously rewarding, it often involves hard work. Much like training one’s body for a marathon–emotional awareness, strength and resilience can be developed through sustained attention to self-care, consistency and dedication to the therapeutic process. This is sometimes surprising to people. It might even feel unfair or upsetting to realize that it will take concerted effort to make things different in your life. It is important to keep in mind that the more time, intention and commitment you are willing to put into the work of therapy, the more positive, fulfilling and lasting the results will be.