CSJ_1613Lindsay Hesser, LMFT

My private practice has a grounded, realistic approach. I meet clients where they are and we work together to make their daily lives more manageable and enjoyable by addressing problematic coping skills, self-sabotaging behaviors, or traumatic experiences. I am interested in both helping clients reach a greater awareness/understanding of the issues they are dealing with, as well as helping them make actual, real-world changes in their attitudes/beliefs/behaviors to help them live the lives they imagine. My work has a somatic focus, and I often use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) or Somatic Experiencing to engage one’s body and mind in the healing process.  I am also interested in helping people de-stigmatize the issues they are struggling with, and reframing them in a way that is empowering. My favorite tool to use as a therapist is humor; it can illuminate so much, and helps contribute to a non-judgmental, egalitarian environment. I am passionate about helping individuals and families who have struggled with or are struggling with addiction. I also have a great deal of experience working with individuals and families who have struggled with abuse and trauma, and are in the process of rebuilding their lives following great losses/tragedies.  I greatly enjoy working/collaborating with Helena McMahon, my colleague and professional partner in the Community Wellness Center, and with our talented and growing team of healing professionals.